Contract for the provision of services with a job seeker

The object of the present contract for the provision of services (Contract) is the services to be provided via the web portal (“EkspressJob”) that belongs to Eesti Ajalehed AS, the user of which is a job seeker (“Client”) who has joined the present service, also, the rights and obligations of EkspressJob and the Client when using the EkspressJob web portal.

Upon registering as a user, the Client will have the right to enter their CV in the web portal and order additional services.

Registration as a user is without a term and the password issued to the representative of the Client shall not expire until the Client has conveyed their wish to cancel the password.

The Client shall:

  • present full, true and correct data about themselves;
  • not transfer the rights and obligations stipulated by the Contract, and the passwords of EkspressJob, to third persons;
  • not enter data that contains false information, is fictive or misleading to job seekers or that might damage the legal rights of EkspressJob or third persons.
  • provide their consent for the processing of personal data according to the principles of Ekspressjob for the processing of client data, which are available at

EkspressJob shall:

  • allow the Client to use all electronic services and additional services provided to the job seeker at EkspressJob;
  • keep confidential the information and data presented by the Client, the disclosure of which the Client has not requested

Amendment of service conditions:
EkspressJob shall have the right to unilaterally amend the usage conditions of the web portal, by notifying the Client of the amendments by e-mail or a web notice.

Suspension of provision of service
EkspressJob shall have the right to unilaterally suspend the provision of service if the Client fails to perform their contractual obligations;
Not add the CVs filled in by the Client to the web portal, if these are filled in incompletely or contain material that is in contravention of good customs or damage the legal interests of EkspressJob or third persons.

Final provisions
A Party shall notify the other Party of the wish to terminate the Contract by mail or e-mail. The Contract shall be deemed terminated when the other Party confirms receipt of the notification.
In case of disputes, the Parties shall make efforts to solve the disputes by negotiations. In case of failure to reach agreement between Parties, the dispute shall be settled in Harju County Court.
The Client shall be deemed as having agreed to the terms and conditions of the Contract after marking a respective box in the web portal.