www.ekspressjob.ee is an Internet portal for mediating want ads, which belongs to Eesti Ajalehed AS and has been offering its services since January 2008.
Since the want ads section of the print version of Eesti Ekspress has achieved a very good position on the want ads market, we wish to offer the possibility to find employees via the Internet in addition to the paper.

EkspressJob is a simple and no-frills online environment that offers want ads for educated and experienced job-seekers.
By using EkspressJob, employers can find the specialist they are looking for every weekday, instead of having to wait until Thursday.
Our objective is to become the largest, by volume, environment that offers target group-specific want ads.

Job search

For the simple and easy locating of job offers, EkspressJob has developed a convenient search engine that allows for a search to be conducted for suitable offers, using multiple criteria simultaneously. Applying for a vacant position has now become especially easy, since all the candidate needs to do is to upload his or her CV in a suitable format and the software will automatically turn it into a PDF document, which is then forwarded to the employer. This means that the tedious entry of CVs isno longer necessary. It is also possible to order job offers selected by pre-determined criteria to one’s e-mail address and keep one’s uploaded CV in the online system.

Possibilities for the employer

Employers are able to conveniently order the publication of want ads either in EkspressJob and/or the classified section for ads in the weekly Eesti Ekspress. CVs can be ordered either to the online service or directly to an e-mail address.

The portal offers a convenient way to sort CVs and to print them out, comment on them and then forward them to colleagues. It also offers a handy and simply way to send out rejectionletters to applicants.

There are three options for publishing want ads in the EkspressJob portal:

  • a standard want ad with the text fields prescribed by EkspressJob
  • an option to select a background for the want ad, showing the information according to the requirements of the employer
  • a want ad as an image (ready-made artwork)
    Employers are also able to link their want ads to their websites and direct applicants to them.

Applications can be submitted through either the EkspressJob environment or by directing the applicant to an area on the employer’s website that offers such an opportunity.

It is possible to link significant information about the company to the advertisement, such as financial results for the previous quarter. Every want ad that is published in EkspressJob is assigned a unique ID code that makes it easy to track. The same code is also printed on the paper version of the want ad (if one has been ordered).

Eesti Ekspress

Eesti Ekspress is published on every Thursday (it´s a weekly newspaper). Recruitment advertisements are published in special section for Job Advertisements.

Accepted completed ad formats are PDF and EPS.
If you want your advertisement to be designed by Eesti Ekspress, then design fee for design works will be added to listed price of advertising space 5%.
Repeat order discount is 5%.
20% VAT will be added to the prices.

In case you are the member of EU, please send us the VAT number and VAT will not be added to the price.

Accordingto the law we have to add the translation in Estonian to the advertisements in foreign languages. Translate fee is 10% of the advertisement space price + the publication fee of the translated text. The translation will be published in a small section Translations.

If you have decided to advertise in Eesti Ekspress or EkspressJob, please send us a letter of order by fax or by e-mail. After that we will fax you an invoice and if the payed sum has received on to our account, we can publish your advertisement.

e-mail: job-at-ekspress.ee
fax: +372 669 8174